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Blogging On Hold As Math Test Reminds Me Why I'm 49 And Still A Senior In College

[February 13th] -- I've got a killer math early this afternoon, so I won't be blogging until I either get through it or die of cardiac arrest while taking it.

I hate math. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. For 25 years, my wife begged me to go back to school, and for 25 years, I told her I couldn't get through college math.

I've got a 3.88 GPA and if I pass this math course, I'll graduate in two semesters. If I don't pass it, I'll run out of student loans and Pell grants before I run out of classes to take, and it's back to doing what I don't want to do for the rest of my life.

Hopefully, you'll accept this as a good excuse for me to be away for a few hours, at least until I get through this test.

With my luck, in the five hours I cram this morning, and the one hour it takes to take the test, the stadium lease will be accepted by Bud Selig, a new owner will be named, Sammy Sosa will NOT sign a contract, Jim Bowden will be fired and Jared Weaver will sign with the Nationals.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Focus, Farid Focus. A cake is valued at $12. Jose likes the chocolate part three times more than the vanilla. How much is each ..... slice ......

Man. I gotta pass this crap.

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