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[February 7th] - Because I live 2,000 miles from Washington, I am not as "plugged in" as many of my readers. I have to go out of my way to get news about the Nationals instead of allowing it to come to me. I stopped studying for a history test a few minutes ago and fired up the real audio player to see if WTOP.com had any information about the vote on the stadium lease.

It did.

Said the breathless reporter moments ago, "Baseball is hanging by a thread in Washington, and it may be ready to leave again, this time for good." Now, I don't know if that's necessarily true. Major League Baseball will now continue with it's arbitration against the city. Baseball will win, and the city of Washington will lose. Count on that. The lease that will be forced upon the city council, and ultimately the citizens of Washington, will be far more "draconian" than the one that was placed before them this evening, but since the council feels that they are above the law, they likely won't agree to any court-ordered mandates that may come down from the bench.

This is what happens when a gaggle of Democrats are in charge. Now, before you fire-bomb my server, understand that the same thing would be happening were it a flock of Republicans who were ruling the roost. I have lived in D.C. (90% Democrats) and Idaho (90% Republicans) and both places face the same problems: the laws and regulations are written with no hope of a system of checks and balances vetting the stupidity from the sanity. Washington is a perfect world for Democrats, and Idaho is a perfect world for Republicans, and trust me, neither come close to being perfect.

The city council members who voted "no" don't much care about keeping baseball out of D.C. They only care about furthering their own political agendas and futures with their vote. If, by gaining an advantage for themselves, they keep baseball out of Washington, so be it. They don't care. Even the members who voted "yay" likely voted that way because it was politically expedient to do so. All of them know that having a baseball team in Washington helps everyone, even the poor, and all of them understand that a ballpark, even at $700 million dollars, would pay for itself several times over during its lifetime.

Washington is becoming even more of a laughing stock if that is possible. National politicians are able to return to their home districts and states and clear their minds by meeting with their constituents. Kind of a "real-world" reality check. Washington politicians have contracted "beltway fever" long ago and have no mechanism in place to launder their souls. And so as they are polluted, they pollute their fellow citizens and continue to oppress their neighbors in a manner not dissimilar to the slave and slaveholder relationship that existed a century and a half ago. Just as the master in the old south said that his charges were "feeble" and "children-like" and therefore in need of his benelovent oversight, the city council makes decisions "in the best interest" of the people of Washington.

All of Washington wants baseball. The city council does not, and uses its power to "protect" the "feeble" and "child-like" charges they oversee. They must be protected from fun and joy, family outings and a safe and friendly environment to get away from the day's trials and tribulations.

D.C. needs to be taken over by "the people," and it needs to happen fast before the self-serving politicians rape the city of what little value reamins within it's diamond border.

Check back in ASAP.

Looks like Cropp's emergency legislation might pass.
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