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I Dunno ....

[February 1st] -- I don't know if I even want to get into this, but ....

My good friend over at Banks of the Anacostia has written such a fine article on this wild trade rumor that I'm not going to delve into it too deeply. For an indepth analysis of what's happening, scoot on over to "Banks" and check it out.

Short Version: BOTA has dug up a Red Sox site with a post from someone "in the know" (and he just may be) that says a Red Sox - Nationals - Mets trade is in the final stages:

Red Sox deal: Matt Clement and Alex Cora

Nationals deal: Jose Vidro and Jay Bergman

Mets deal: Lastings Milledge and Xavier Nady

Red Sox get: Lastings Milledge and Xavier NadyNationals get: Matt Clement and Alex Cora, plus supplemental money from the Sox if Clement pitches over 150 innings

Mets get: Jose Vidro and Jay Bergman plus PTNBL from either Nats or Sox depending on Vidro's health

Thanks to BOTA for the above section which I "cut-and-pasted" directly from his site. Hey, I'm an honest thief.

Quick overview: I don't see Alex Cora as having any real value for the Nationals. He has a career .244 batting average and and a .310 on base percentage. I'd much rather have Royce Clayton pushing Cristian Guzman.

Matt Clement is a "nice" little pitcher. He has a lifetime 82-81, 4.37 record. He's either an average #2 starter or a good #3. Jason Bergman, the other player the Nats would have to give up besides Vidro, has a large upside and could be a key player for the Nationals in the years to come. The only "upside" that I can see in this trade is to rid the team of wobbly-kneed and over-paid Jose Vidro so Alfonso Soriano would be able to come to spring training ready to play second base.

It was also mentioned that Livan Hernandez could end up being part of the trade. If that happens, my feelings will change from sanguine to serious real fast.

The "posters" at the site that started all of this, "Sons of Sam Horn," seem to think that the deal helps the Mets and Nationals. Over at "The Mets Fan," they believe that this deal is good for the Red Sox and the Nationals. I think it's good for the Mets and the Red Sox.

No one thinks it helps their team but helps the others. Hmmm. That's usually the sign of a fair trade.

I'd love to move Vidro, but not at the expense of adding Alex Cora. I think that Bernie Castro could be the long-term solution for the team at second base and needs to be given a chance to play.
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I emailed Ladson with an interview request last April, right after I did my Charlie Brotman profile. I never got a response.
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