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Nationals Continue To Add Depth To Minor League System

[February 7th] - If the Washington Nationals keep this up, they might have to field two 'AAA' minor league teams this season.

The Nationals announced on Monday that they have resigned pitcher Justin Echols, and have added outfielder Mike Vento and pitchers Andrew Good, Anastacio Martinez and Dave Gil.

Do they have enough uniforms for all these guys when spring training opens?

CNN.si calls Mike Vento "at best" a 5th outfielder on a very thin team. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Rotoworld.com says that, although he isn't going to make the team's 25 man roster now, he might be able to help the team down the road. He has shown a little power the past two years at 'AAA' Columbus, banging out 27 homers, one every 35 at bats. He has a career .280 minor league average. He got two at-bats with the Yankees last year. I doubt we'll see him at the major league level, but he'll probably start with the Zephyrs, compiling a .280-16-80 type season. He's 27, so it's becoming "now or never" time for Vento.

Andrew Good has a major league record of 5-4, 5.30 in parts of three seasons, and a 40-32, 4.05 minor league record. Anastacio Martinez, 25, is a veteran of seven minor league campaigns, going 35-47, 4.25. He went 2-1, 8.44 during a short stint with the Boston Red Sox. Dave Gil was a member of the Zephyrs last season, going 1-3, 3.55.

None of these players will make any real impact on the future of the Nationals other than to fill out the Zephyrs' team roster. Each of them have real talent, but are missing that "one" thing that is keeping them from a career in the major leagues. Teams like the Yankees and Red Sox release players like these; teams like the Nationals sign them.

That's just the way it is.

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