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[February 8] - Forget all those mean and spiteful things I said about the city council. After voting baseball out of the district earlier on Tuesday, they had an epiphany and re-voted well after midnight, finally, hopefully, bringing this nightmare to an end.

It is still too early to tell if this was just another round of city council slight-of-hand or a true change of heart by some of the members. At this point, I really don't care.

I had just finished posting the scathing article below that questioned the manhood (and womanhood) of just about every council member. I hit the "publish post" button, still feeling very bitter towards the city of Washington, and angry that the possibility of losing a third major league baseball team loomed large. My handicapped daughter ambled into the room and signed "sleep" (at 16, she cannot talk, and places her her hands palm-to-palm next to her cheek to look like she's asleep on a pillow -- really cute). I tucked her in, gave her a kiss and turned off her light. I walked back into my den and began to search the other Nationals' blogs to see if anyone else's prose was a prickly as mine. When I re-visited Capitol Punishment, I saw that he had a new post, saying the council was discussing the stadium once more. I clicked his video link and sure enough, there they were, with the anti-ballpark folks looking very forlorn and the pro-ballpark guys looking very happy. I watched that final hour until 10:32 my time (Mountain Time Zone) when Linda Cropp called for the vote and then took all the credit for the "emergency dec" passing. Sheesh. Politicians.

So now we have a stadium. My guess is that within a very short time, days, perhaps a week or two, their will be an announcement as to ownership and basic stadium design.

The Nationals' Nightmare is over, and finally, we can just worry about if Cristian Guzman can recapture his stroke. Oh, how good this will feel.

I wonder how Jim Bowden is feeling right now?

Yeah, a VERY good night! Let's just hope that the March 6 deadline is met. Somehow, I think it will.
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