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Rockie Mountain High

[February 11th] -- The first of many shoes dropped on Saturday. The Washington Nationals have sold utility outfielder Jamey Carroll to the Colorado Rockies for $300,000 cash.

Selling a player like Carroll in this day and age is very unusual. The $300,000 price tag is but a fraction of the team's $60 million dollar payroll.

This move had to happen. With the addition of middle infielders Marlon Anderson and Damian Jackson, plus Brendan Harris' defensive improvement this past year, Carroll became expendable. My guess is this move was made specifically to create a roster spot for Brendan Harris, who will now be able to back up Ryan Zimmerman at third with little loss of offensive production. It has been his defense that has been keeping Harris in the minor leagues.

Jamey Carroll will be missed, I will miss him, not for what he brought to the field, but rather for the person he was. Carroll was like a lot of us, possessing limited physical stature and questionable talent. Still, he pushed himself using a work ethic that is almost unseen in today's instant gratification society. He cared more for his team then for himself. He spoke publicly about the Damian Jackson and Marlon Anderson signings, saying that he was happy that Jim Bowden improved the team.

Jamey Carroll is the kind of man I hope my son grows up to be.

This move had to happen

Agreed. After Bowden signed his conga line of MIs, it was a foregone conclusion. However, why this move was not considered in lieu of placing Darrell Rasner on waivers harkens to last season when Sunny Kim was lost on waivers for a couple days of Matt Cepicky, who was only around long enough to keep a bench spot warm for all-world CF Brandon Watson.

Bowden's management around the fringes of the 40-man roster is clumsy at best.
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