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So-So A No Show, All Is Good To Go-Go

[February 15th] -- Well, the great Sammy Sosa adventure is over. Adam Katz, Sosa's agent, has told Nationals general manager Jim Bowden that he will not accept the team's non-guaranteed offer to join the club for 2005.

Just too beneath him, I guess. I'm beginning to wonder if he was stringing the Nationals along in hopes of finding a "better fit" [read: more money] elsewhere. Why else would the mercurial [read: cheating] outfielder have waited for almost two months before making his decision, just days before spring training.

Props to big Frank Thomas, who took a similar contract to renew his career with the Oakland Athletics. He wasn't bigger than the game, it seems. Sosa feels that he's above and beyond having to prove himself [read: run during spring training] after all he's done for major league baseball. Hurrumph.

I was initially for a Sosa signing, but at the expense of Alfonso Soriano and not Ryan Church and Marlon Byrd. It was never my hope to see Sosa in the same outfield with Soriano and Jose Guillen. Now, the team will again look "in house" for their third outfielder; a position that Church or Byrd [but not Watson] should ably fill.

Thanks, Sammy. You saved the Nationals the embarrassment of seeing another quality player traded to the hinterlands so that you could bat .220 in Washington.

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