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[March 5th] -- A small story suddenly appeared online this afternoon on the Washington Post's website:


It sounds so very simple. Major League Baseball signed the contract. They will pay $20 million towards construction of the stadium. The contract is not to go into effect until the bonds are sold. The contract becomes null and void if the city council goes back in and changes something.



Just like that.

The question that now needs to be asked is this: Will MLB wait to name a new owner until the bonds are sold and the city council has no more chances of screwing up the deal, or will they begin the process of naming the owner now? And if they do wait, are we looking at days, weeks, or months? MLB officials have said that the sale for a reported $450 million could be consummated within 30 days of when the lease dispute is resolved. But when does the clock begin to tick?

I don't know.

But I am happy. That I do know.

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