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[March 1st] -- BUT WASHINGTON STILL WON. The Nationals beat the Kia Tigers 13-8 Wednesday afternoon at SpaceCoast Stadium. These first games don't usually mean much, but they are indicators of how things might play out.

Matt Lecroy, who was brought in to hit the ball did just that on Wednesday, driving in three runs with a bases clearing single. The "new" Cristian Guzman went 2-2. That's a good thing. Brandon Watson, who is everyone's choice to win the center field job, (everyone but Ryan Church, that is) went 0-4. That's a bad thing. Ryan Church went 2-3 with an RBI. That must have upset Frank Robinson and Jim Bowden quite a bit. Alex Escobar (is he still on the team?) hit the only home run for the Nats.

The Nationals gave up 8 runs to the Koreans. Not a big deal. Well, kind of a big deal. Chad Cordero gave up four runs in 1.3 innings and John Patterson gave up two runs before being removed from the game on pitch count issues.

So, what does it all mean?

It means that Korea plays a decent brand of baseball. It means that John Patterson and Chad Cordero weren't really throwing their "A" stuff. It means that Ryan Church really wants to keep his job, and that Brandon Watson really doesn't want to begin the spring like Endy Chavez did in 2005.

Wins. Losses. Who cares. Baseball is back and spring is just around the corner. Pretty cool. Pretty cool, indeed.

Good to see the NAts beat the "Yankees of Korea." I am glad to see that the bats are swing so well this early, and really glad to here about Guzmon's game. But what bothers me is the fact that our ace closer and 2nd best starter gaveup six runs. Now it is still really early and the players are just warming up, but it still concerns me. Oh well, i think Cordero and Patterson will be ready for the season. I can't wait for the season to start!!!
Cordero's still off his asthma inhaler for the WBC, which may be affecting him.
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