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[March 23rd] -- If the Washington Nationals win their opener against the Mets on April 3rd, they will have Pedro Martinez' toe to thank for it.

The Mets pitcher said on Wednesday that he didn't see much hope that he would take the mound against the Nationals. "Unless I can work some magic, I don't think I'll have enough time. I need at least two outings. You're not going to throw me two innings in a game and expect me to go on Opening Day. That's not fair to me, my teammates or anybody."

If Martinez is unable to go, 40 year old Tom Glavine (13-13, 3.53) will get the start for New York.

This is great news for the Nationals. There's a far better chance that Glavine's pitches will miss the corners than Martinez' fastball will suddenly become subsonic. A fan's greatest fear is that his or her team will start the season slowly, losing four or five in a row. With Martinez out, and Glavine old, I like the Nats' chances of starting strong in 2006.

At least, I like them a whole lot more than I did when I went to bed last night. But it's not all good news. Last season, Glavine was 3-1 against Washington with a 2.89 ERA in 28 innings.

It's kind of like you're running for president, and Ronald Reagan backs out at the last minute. That's the good news. But then you find out he's being replaced by Franklin Roosevelt. Things may get better, but only a little.

I agree. The Mets lost to the Reds on opening day 2005 with Pedro on the mound ... what's the chance of his losing back to back opening day games?
I dunno -- he's getting old and just isn't as scary as he used to be.
i want perdo to pitch opening game. i want washington to beat the best. its like when nebraska football would play a 1-aa school 66-0 every year and everyone thought they were great. they were not great.

no. play the best and hope for the best.
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