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[April 1st] -- Nationals' General Manager Jim Bowden proved Friday Night that the was right in sending Ryan Church to 'AAA' New Orleans and making Brandon Watson the team's starting center fielder. I was wrong. All of us were.


Seriously, Watson played well in front of the home folks at RFK, slapping a single into center field and beating out an infield hit, going 2-5 with a stolen base and making in the outfield what Charley Slowes called the "best defensive play of the spring." Wow. It's only one game, but he played well and didn't do anything stupid. At this point, we shouldn't expect much more.

Ryan Zimmerman continued doing what he does best, making errors and hitting doubles. He had two of both until the official scorer took pity on the youngster and changed one of them to a hit. Jose Vidro continues to look healthy, getting two hits as well. Other than that, there wasn't much else to get excited about in the Nats' 9-6 loss to the Orioles. John Patterson wasn't sharp, and Jon Rauch was downright bad. The team has found ways to lose all spring, but played all of their regulars for most of the game, so we can't blame the "kids" for the loss. In fact, the only home run of the night came from Kenny Kelly, a guy I forgot was still around.

At some point, we can't keep justifying this spring's 9-22 record and begin to admit that it is indicative of something.

We just don't know what it's indicative of. Yet.

Farid, re Christina Kahrl's very interesting comments re Ryan Church on XM, I heard her say Church was sent down
for preaching his religion too much. I
missed what you said, that you just can't do this with Latin players. I'd agree you
can't do this with ANY players, but I'm
surprised if she said the bit about not
doing it with Latin players in particular
as the ones I hear about sound quite religious themselves.
I think what Christina meant was that because Latin players were so religious, they didn't want to listen to an Evangelical try to convert them to a different type of Christianity.
Kenny Kelly hits a home run to deepest center field at RFK and that's a footnote?

I--I'm--I'm speechless!
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