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[March 24th] -- Alfonso Soriano is for real. Well, he was real on Friday night anyway. With two on and two out in the top of the 5th inning, Soriano turned on a 2-2 fastball from Brave's ace Tim Hudson and drove it over the left field wall to give the Nationals a 4-2 lead. Ryan Zimmerman lined a Hudson pitch into left center to drive in the team's other run. That was pretty much the team's entire offense as they could garner only five more hits against four Braves pitchers. Good news: Jose Guillen got his first hit of the spring, a double off of Hudson.

Livan Hernandez is ready for opening day, giving up just two runs in six innings, allowing six hits while striking out two. He lowered his spring ERA to 1.93. Gary Majewski came back from consecutive bad outings, pitching a scoreless inning.

It seems that little has changed for the Nationals from last year. The team continues to have stellar pitching that often goes to waste because of the team's anemic offense. Sure, they won tonight, but they managed only seven hits in the win. I'm not too worried, though, as Nick Johnson, Brian Schneider and Ryan Church haven't begun to hit yet. Once they do, the team should have at least an adequate offense.

Yes, but one home run does not a season make :)
I've got this strange feeling that Soriano is going to hit .290-27-110 this season while playing adequate defense.
You're right, he will likely produce those type of numbers, but he'll do most of it in another city; no way Soriano stays in D.C. if the team isn't in the pennant race -- and we all know that just isn't going to happen.
do you think Bowden will trade him for pitching or prospects?
Good question Chris. If Bowden things his job is safe, he'll trade for prospects and continue to build up the farm sytem.

However, if he thinks his butt is on the line, he's going to try to bring in a "name" or "names" to show his new boss he knows what he's doing

(yeah, as if!)
Looks like the Pitching staff is doing well. I am really happy about Ortiz's last start; and Armas did preatty well in his first start. So I think if things stay constent, we are looking at a better over pitching staff. Scheider and Guillen aren't really worth worry; they have both missed much of spring training, so I think they will get in form soon. But what dose worry me is Johnson; our second best hitter from last year is having a bad spring.
I have now attended seven or eight Nats games over the past three weeks and I can tell you first hand that this team has a serious offense problem.
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