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[March 15th] -- As soon as the rendering of the Nationals' new stadium was made public, the "caveats" began. "Of course, those parking garages in the outfield will more than likely be underground by the time we get to building them" and "There was supposed to be limestone on the outside of the stadium, but cutbacks forced us to use pre-cast concrete, but of course, that could change again" and the must have caveat, "Remember, this is only a rendering." And, as we all know (well, at least my dictionary knows), a rendering is " to submit or present, as for consideration, approval, or payment. " So for now, let's just think of the design as something to be "considered."

A very unscientific survey of the blog-o-sphere found a couple of people who really like the stadium, a few who hate it, and most in the middle -- like me -- who just aren't sure this point. And it's really hard to be sure, because the finished product probably will look very different from what was shown us today.

Take a look at the above rendering of Yankee Stadium, drawn in 1920. The original design called for a fully enclosed stadium with tall, column-like openings that gave the stadium a Romanesque appearance (or is it Greek-esque; I never get that right). The capacity of this version was 69,000. Of course, what the artist envisions and what the architects and engineers can produce are seldom the same thing. The photo shown here of Yankee stadium just before completion in 1923 looks similar, but clearly is not the same design.

The facility was scaled back due to rising construction costs (where have we heard that before!) and the outfield upper deck was left off, with the intention of adding it when the team could afford to build it. Although the Yankees, have always drawn well, they never needed those extra seats.

The Renderings of Nationals' Stadium (my term until they come up with something else) are just guidelines. It'll be close, but close like that rendering of Yankee Stadium and it's actual photograph. I think we all should take a wait and see attitude until we get a better idea of what starts blossoming from the earth. How many changes will the new owner make? Maybe he likes limestone. Those parking garages might be so far underground that Satan himself will park his car there. So, if you hate it, hang on, changes are a-coming. If you like it, don't get too excited, because, well, because, well, you know.... changes are .... a-coming.

I kind of like after a day of thinking about........but I would rather have those parking under ground...but I wouldn't mind if it is concrete, it gives some what the same effect and is cheaper and stronger..
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