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[March 4th] -- Only in Washington.

Two days after right fielder Jose Guillen was diagnosed with ligament damage that would require surgery and keep him out of the lineup for 3+ months, the team has announced that ....OOPS.... that is not correct.

Team doctor Thomas Graham said that the diagnosis out of Florida just didn't make sense. Well, it does make sense when you find out that the doctor who made that diagnosis isn't a doctor who deals with professional athletes. Graham said that there was some swelling, some fluid, and some pain. "The MRI was negative" said Graham. "He hurt his wrist hitting the ball, overdoing it trying to get ready for the season. It won't hurt anything to keep him out of action fora week to ten days."

The team now says they believe he'll be ready for opening day. Frank Robinson isn't so sure about that, but is very happy that he'll have his slugger sooner rather than later. Had Guillen not been able to play, club president Tony Tavares said on Friday that the Nationals didn't have the money to enter the trade market and bring a veteran in.

Who's on first?

Now, if we can change all that team OOPS to team OPS, we'll all be happy!
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