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[April 26th] -- The Washington Nationals are playing just well enough to lose.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad, I'm not frustrated, I'm not even concerned with the team's start this season. Most of us prognosticator types predicted a 70-75 win season, and that's about where they are headed.

Did anyone else feel sorry for Alfonso Soriano last night? He is a proud man, an excellent athlete, being asked to learn a new position in front of major league crowds. That ball hit at him last night would have been difficult for a seasoned outfielder. His error allowed two runs to score, with ultimately were the winning runs for the Reds. He did, however, get back one of those runs that same inning with a deep homer to left.

Ryan Zimmerman hit an amazing two-run homer, hitting a slow-motion change up below his knees over the left field wall. He also bunted for a hit. Say what?

The Nationals continue to hit well, garnering another 11 hits last night. The problem is the starting pitching; well, to be fair, the problem is the starting pitching with the exception of John Patterson and Tony Armas Jr. Until Livan and whoever else starts can keep the Nats in the game, there are going to be a lot more 6-5 losses before things get better.

Reds fan? I bleed Mets orange and blue.
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