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[April 10th] -- Saturday was the exception. Sunday was the rule.

1. Ryan Drese pitched a good game, and without the errors, it would have been a great game. [4 innings, 5 hits, 3 strikeouts, 4 walks]

2. Royce Clayton played good cop / bad cop all by himself. A bad throw opened the floodgates that allowed three earned runs to score. He also got 3 hits to up his batting average to .250. Milo Hamilton, broadcasting the game for the Astros, said of Clayton, "Now there's the Royce we all know and love." Jerk.

3. Ryan Zimmerman didn't get any hits, but he did walk two more times, showing that he's calmed down at the plate after that 7 for 7 whiff deal two games ago. Defensively, he turned in another gem. Willie Tavares, a speedster if ever there was one, bunted the ball towards third. Before the ball slowed down, Zimmerman, by now past Ryan Drese, snagged the ball and threw Tavares out by several steps. Wow. Again, Milo Hamilton took offense to Zimmerman being compared to Brooks Robinson, saying that was an afront to Brooksie, adding, "Come see me in a decade or so and I'll let you know what I think." Jerk.

4. I like Alfonso Soriano, his error not withstanding. Soriano is a singularly special player, a talent that this franchise hasn't seen since that wild-swinging right fielder, oh, what was his name, Blad, Clad, Vlad ... something like that. How can a man so slim, with a frame so slight, with an ego so frail, with a bat so heavy, electrically charge a baseball with such a combination of verticity and velocity?

So, the Nationals are now 2-4, and if you take away Zimmerman's improbable 9th inning home run against Billy Wagner and last night's comeback, and the Nats could just as easily be 0-6.


There isn't such a thing as a "must win" in April, but the Nats don't want to come home with their heads hung low and their winning percentage in the range of the Mendoza line. John Patterson goes against "some guy" on Monday -- a sure win if there is such a thing in baseball.

Now, the really cool thing: I now can watch the Nats on my computer, and I take my laptop to all my classes -- afternoon contest + ECON 202 = little chance I'll be taking notes.

Regarding your comment on MLB.tv, you might want to alert DC area residents that if one lives within a specified radius of DC, the Nats home and away games are blacked out. The O's home and away games are blacked out too. I got sucked into this rip off last year and ended up using the service only to watch Roger Clemens pitch. For your unique situation, it just happens to work because you are probably the only Nats fan in Boise, Idaho, or where ever it is you live. This year, I have MASN, thanks to Cox. However, the way the Nats are playing, those who have Comcast may be the lucky ones.
Im glad to have Masn. Anyway, I like the way Vidro and Soriano are hitting, but worryed about the non-hitting of Zimmermen, Johnson and Schneider. And if our pitching dosen't get better, I will be dead before the all-star break. At the very least I won't a pitching that can keep it close. One last thing, I am happy to see Armas and Drese doing well.
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