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[April 20th] -- I'm taking the day off. Now, now .... don't get grumpy, I'm feeling guilty enough about it as it is. It's just that I've learned from last year's mistake, which was to never, ever, ever, miss a day. By late July, in the midst of that terrible losing skein, my brain exploded and I didn't post for almost three weeks. I Don't want that to happen again. And if I'm going to play hooky, the day after the Nats blow a 6-3 lead in the 8th is a good day to do it.

Hey, I'll be back tomorrow; Basil at Federal Baseball is going to take "the next few days off." I'm just taking a nap; he's sleeping in! (Love ya Basil!)

Actually, I'm going to offer my readers to post "guest columns" here at the Beltway Boys. I'm no better at writing than the next guy, and I'd love to hear what the "next guy" has to say. I'll gladly turn the keys over to anyone who'd like to "sound off." Just leave a comment with your email below and I'll get back to you. Phil, this means you!

I'll take a whack at guesting.
Me too .... I'll write for you

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