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[April 6th] -- I have two tests on Friday, so my time will be better spent studying rather than ranting about Thursday's game. I'll leave that to my "brethren" in the Nat-o-sphere. Some observations, however:

The Nats come out of New York at 1-2, about what I expected. They begin a four game series against the defending NL Champion Houston Astros on Friday, who are 2-1 so far this season.

Wish me luck on the tests. Talk to you Friday night.

Brian Schneider is another victim of the WBC, where he had exactly six at bats. Then, when Schneider returned to the Nats, Robinson kept playing the four worthless backup catchers and he never got enough at bats to get in sync. The WBC also ruined Luis Ayala and hurt Gary Majewski.
I agree -- looks like the WBC is going to be biting the team in the butt for quite some time to come.

I know he'll come around, but I'm afraid that he'll bury himself so deep that he'll never recover (Even after a tremendous September, Cristian Guzman hit only .219 for all of 2005)
Phil: I think you meant ruined Gary Majewski and hurt Luis Ayala...not the other way around.

Based on what I've seen from Ramon Ortiz hitting v. Pedro and the way he ran during that fielding error, ORTIZ 4 STARTING LEADOFF CFer.
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