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[May 2nd] -- This is exactly how bad teams lose.

With runners on first and second, Paul Lo Duca hit a come-backer to pitcher Gary Majewski, who only had to throw the ball to second to ensure doubling up the slow-footed catcher at first base and send the game into extra innings. Instead, Majewski threw the ball just far enough in between shortstop Royce Clayton and second baseman Jose Vidro to insure that it made it into center field, allowing the runner on second to score the winning run.

That guy was *ugh* .... Endy Chavez, who pinch ran for Julio Franco who had walked. Ouch!

Ramon Ortiz (finally!) pitched a solid game, allowing only one run and seven hits in six innings. He deserved to win this game. He still isn't over-powering anyone, however, as his two strikeouts would indicate. Alfonso Soriano got turned around on another ball hit directly at him. Luckily, Jose Reyes was as bad on the basepaths as Soriano was in the outfield and was thrown out trying to get back to second base after making a big turn.

Hey, it's no fun pointing out all the mistakes the Nationals keep making. I am, after all, a "glass is half full" kind of guy. But unless something changes quickly, a new owner, a drastic revamping of the roster, this version of our beloved beltway boys are a train wreck waiting to happen. I'd be surprised if they win 67 wins the way they are playing. Hopefully, when the owner is finally named, the team will hit a multi-game winning streak.

They're playing just well enough to lose, and that, my fellow babies, just isn't good enough. They're beating themselves most nights.

That's just got to change.

Endy Chavez? I heard he was working at a 7-11 in New Rochelle New York.
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