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[May 5th] -- We already know that the new ownership group has a no-nonsense streak a mile wide. The word came down yesterday: no golf playing in the clubhouse -- get rid of those clubs. If that's the case, what will the Lerner's and Stan Kasten do about Thursday's debacle, played out infront of Lerner the younger?

I'm not going to beat a dead horse here. Another two hours worth of bad pitching, poor defense and a lack of timely hitting have embarrassed the Washington Nationals further, if that's even possible. When a team like the Marlins, with their 6-18 record, sweeps the Nationals, you know that things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better. There were many negatives that played out during the game, some larger than others. The biggest, the largest, the most worrisome is the Livan conundrum. Hernandez gave up another seven runs in five innings, and is becoming consistently bad. Without Livan anchoring the rotation, the Nationals have no hope, no chance for 2006. You would think someone would have been able to pinpoint Hernandez' problem by now, but all we hear is that "he'll turn it around; he's Livan Hernandez." Well, at this point, it really doesn't matter if it's his knee that's the problem, or his arm, or his attitude. He's heading for a 20 loss campaign.

I've decided to give as much effort in creating this post as the Nationals did on Thursday against the Marlins.

That means that I'm finished. Now.

I was so disgusted with these turkeys, especially Fat Livan serving up big cream puffs, that I shut the TV off after the first half inning. I can't watch this crap anymore. Lerner should have grabbed the mike and apologized to the fans for the sad sack performance. This team is rotten to the core.
Without Livan anchoring the rotation 2007 looks pretty bad too considering we're in line to pay him 7 Million.
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