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[June 19th] -- Yet another geology test, so it'll be Tuesday afternoon before I can give a decent account. That said, there is no angle I can find that closely resembles "decent" in the Nats loss to the Red Sox.

I always add a picture of something exciting to my story, but nothing good happened. Oh, I guess you could say that Jose Guillen's shot off of the Coke bottle high and deep in left field is cause for celebration, but, c'mon, that was Jose Guillen. He's a grumpy soon-to-be former National, so it's not like it meant anything in a 6-3 loss. Sure, Jose Vidro whacked one too, but it was so early in the game that I barely remember it happening. Tony Armas Jr. wasn't very good, Alfonso Soriano was downright bad, and Ryan Zimmerman, one game removed from being the hero, went 0-4 and grounded into a double play with two runs on base -- the Nats' last chance to make a move on Boston. Man, baseball can humble you real quick.

So, all of a sudden the starting pitchers who helped fashion that best-in-league winning skein are now back to pitching in their comfort zone (read: their pitching poorly again. Livan Hernandez, Ramon Ortiz and Tony Armas Jr., once the stalwarts in the pitching staff, are getting hammered on a regular basis. Without at least two of those three pitching effectively on a regular basis, the Nationals have no chance to approach 75 wins, the lowest number I think a team can win and still be considered "respectable." It goes without saying that once John Patterson returns this weekend that Shawn Hill will be replaced in the starting rotation. But really, honestly, don't you agree that the rotation would be stronger with Hill remaining and one of these three being traded? I thought that Tony Armas Jr., with his six wins, had turned the corner and was about to become the pitcher that the Red Sox and Expos/Nationals thought he would be. Now, I just don't know.

Oh well, some games will be like this one. The guys deserved a bad one after the last two games against the Yankees. But boy, they'd better win tonight.

Well...it is a bad time for Alfonso, Vidro very bad slumps; exspeclay Vidro...he only lost like 50 pionts of his BA. Clayton seems to have lost his majic have coming back from that little shoulder injury. ANd don't forget..we are missing one of the most important parts of out team; Nick Johnson. He always one base and gets some big hits, lets hope he'll be back soon. And hopefully Patterson return will jump start the roatation....
Leave Hill in the starting rotation, dump Livan, Armas and Ortiz for prospects. Of course, that won't happen because Lerner won't write his check and the Nats are still in ownership limbo. By the time Ted ponies up his money, I fear all these duds we need to dump won't have any value.
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