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[July 28th] -- Well, it wasn't the trade we were expecting, but it's a good trade nonetheless. The Nationals announced that they traded aging Mike Stanton to the San Francisco Giants for 19 year old Shairon Martis.

Martis, born in Curacao, is a citizen of the Netherlands and pitched in this spring's World Baseball Classic, throwing a no-hitter against team Panama.

And we got this guy for Mike Stanton?

He pitched for the Giant's Arizona Fall League team in 2005, crafting a 2-1 record with a 1.85 ERA. Impressed? Hey, that's only the beginning. He struck out FIFTY in 34 innings while walking only nine. That's almost 14 strikeouts per 9 innings. He allowed only seven hits per 9 innings. This year, playing for Augusta of the South Atlantic League, Martis has gone 6-4, 3.64, with 66 strikeouts in 76 innings. He's walked just 21.

Here is a scouting report listing Martis as the Giants' #8 prospect: "8. Shairon Martis (RHP). Born: March 30th 1987 --- 6'1", 175 lbs --- 2005 record:2-1, 1.85, 34 IP, 50 K, 9 BB!! for AZL Giants. --- Mid 90's fastball with advanced secondary stuff and command. Barring injury, this kid is going to move up fast. Since we have a paucity of "sure thing" prospects, I see no reason not to get out in front of a kid with this upside."

He's certainly not a "can't miss" prospect -- we got him for 39 year old Mike Stanton after all -- but he was listed as one of the Giants "top 30" prospects, and without question has the potential to make it to the big-leagues as a starting pitcher.

That said, once again, fans on the other end of a Nationals' trade are carping and crying. Fans on a Giants message board are using words like "raped," saying that this is one of Brian Sabean's "worst trades." One even likened Martis to Francisco Liriano. I think that's all a bit much, but it is another trade (like the Kearns deal) that makes you scratch your head and try to understand just how Bowden did it.

Good job, Jimbo. Maybe we won't firebomb your house after all.

What's really funny about all this is that Jimbo, who I obviously don't necessarily care for, has now picked up 3 pitchers by trading Mike Stanton twice. Last September he picked up Yader Peralta and Rys Taylor from the BoSox for Stanton. Both are still in low A ball, but they are still only 19 & 20 years old. Martis is only 19. No one will know for a couple of season whether any of the 3 will pan out, but you can't fault the trades, this time. Martis obviously has good control and decent stuff. He's raw, but this is the type of player a good organization wants to develop. Keep your fingers crossed. And watch, Stanton will re-sign with the Nats for 2007--That would be beautiful! If only the Soriano situation would turn out the same way??!!
Yes, I'm Impressed.
This is sooo surprising fellas. If Bowden had traded Tony Armas for this kid, I would have said that it was a decent trade. But or Stanton?
Stanton gonna start cashing in his Social Security Checks to pay for his AARP membership that pays for all his meds to dull the pain for his WW1 injuries. Then in 2007, Stanton and his walker will once again come back to the Nats asking "Please Sir, may I have another?" Only to be trade again for prospects by Jim.
You can forget an Armas trade after last night's disaster. He joins Guillen and Vidro on the list of untradeable trash that we are stuck with. At least his contract is up at the end of the year and even Bowden isn't dumb enough to sign him again. Armas has never been anymore than a big tease.
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