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[July 17th] -- Needing a roster spot for Tony Armas Jr., The Washington Nationals designated Matt LeCroy for assignment.

This is a very unfortunate situation. Matt LeCroy, one of the most amiable, most well liked players in the team's clubhouse, was in essence thrown into the "Twilight Zone," as the team now has ten days to trade him or release him. LeCroy could, if he chooses, accept assignment to New Orleans.
Bill Ladson wrote: According to LeCroy, Robinson told him that the Nationals are looking to trade him to an American League team, where he could be used as a designated hitter. LeCroy would not fit on a National League club because of his limited defensive skills.

"Frank told me what Jim was trying to do for me. That would be nice to get back over there, so I could help out another team," LeCroy said. "There are no bitter feelings. This organization gave me a job. It just so happens that Nick Johnson stayed healthy and the at-bats were not there. Frank told me how much he respected me and that meant a lot from coming from him."

Matt LeCroy proved long ago that that he wasn't a major league catcher, something he never denied. He's an adequate first baseman, but the Nationals have Nick Johnson playing there, one of the better first baseman in the National League. In fact, LeCroy is a top-notch platoon-designated hitter. Given 300 at bats against lefties, LeCroy would be expected to hit .270-20-60. When a right-hander was pitching, LeCroy would then become a potent bat off the bench. Of course, LeCroy could do none of this in a National League city with a solid first baseman. I was hoping that the Nationals would trade him to an American League team and allow him to do what he does best, driving the ball against left-handers.
It is my hope that Jim Bowden will use the next week to find LeCroy a good home (not that he's a puppy dog or anything). First, he's earned the opportunity to play semi-regularly at the major league level, and second, LeCroy, especially if he's part of a larger package, could bring prospects in return.

I don't know what the Nats have in store for this fine man, but none of this was fair. None of it.

And it's a darn shame.

Farid: Thanks for the kind comments about our Nats320 blog. We started it just for fun so those in our section wouldn't be sending emails back and forth to each other everyday constantly. Now its become a passion and are getting a kick out commenting. Thanks again. We appreciate the nice words. JEFF (Screech's Best Friend)
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