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[August 1st] -- It's 1:16 in the morning and I'm growing a little weary of this game against the Giants. Just when you think the Nationals have managed an unsurmountable lead, you find out very quickly that it's not. Ahead 6-1 early in the game, the Giants quickly closed it to 6-4. Later in the game, they forged ahead to a 10-4 lead, only to see the Giants score quickly to close the gap to 10-7.

Something very stranged happened in the 4th inning. After the Nationals scored five runs in the inning, Robert Fick came to the plate with no one on and one out. Fick, ever the spark-plug, tried to bunt, fouling the ball down the first base line. He endured several minutes of carping from the Giants dugout before Noah Lowery hit him with a fastball on Fick's backside. I have never understood many of baseball's unwritten rules. One of them says you can't bunt for a hit if your team is ahead by five runs or more. Well, look what happened. The Nats couldn't manufacturer any more runs (they had to magically appear, I guess), but the Giants were allowed to try to score as many runs as they could. I'd say the Nats shouldn't be allowed to bunt ahead by five run when the other team promises not to try to score runs. How 'bout that? That's fair.

To finish the story, Fick came out in his catcher's gear, waiting for the Giants' first batter, pitcher Noah Lowery. But uh-uh, no way does Felipe Alou allow him to bat when there's a fastball with his name on it just waiting for his presence. Fick didn't like Alou's strategy one bit, and gave pinch hitter Todd Linden an "earful" about the Giants "bush league" antics. It's a three game series -- A Nats pitcher wil find a way "remind" the Giants that you just don't go around whacking players because they were still trying to win.

I'm too tired to go on anymore tonight. I'll update when I get back from Biology class around 1:30 your time. Right now, it's bottom of the 9th with the "Chief" on the mound and a runner on second with no one out. I'm not going to venture a guess as to what might happen now. [Chief strikes out Todd Greene to end the game]


Whitesell still has some developing to do. He is too focused on swinging as hard as he can. Until he 'learns how to hit', he's going to be an all-or-nothing type of guy (K or HR). 99 strikeouts in 321 at bats in Double-A is not exactly what you want to see (especially with only 38 walks). He's 24 years old, so the clock is ticking if he hope to be anything more than a bench guy.
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