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[July 24th] -- I've heard the same rumors, Soriano to the Sox for Brandon McCarthy et. al. Maybe, maybe not. I'd be surprised if Jim Bowden pulls the trigger a week before the trading deadline, and that he wouldn't give the Tigers one last chance to sweeten the pot. So, remembering the dozens of "done deal" Nationals' trades that haven't happened since October of 2004 (remember the Terrmel Sledge to San Diego for Dave Roberts, the "it's all finalized but the announcement" trade last fall?), I'm going to wait and watch. No way I'm going to waste a couple thousand words on a trade that might not happen. That said, Kenny Williams was just on XM and said he wasn't trading any of his young pitchers, and specifically mentioned McCarthy, so pardon me if I just wait and see how things pan out. And while we're waiting to here about this whole "White Sox" thing, word out of Toledo is that Humberto Sanchez, who would be the centerpiece of a Tigers - Nationals deal, was held out of his start tonight. Seems he wasn't feeling well. Or might it be that something is about to break with Detroit and, as all teams do, they are protecting their soon-to-be traded players from injury before the deal is done? If I had to guess, I still think it's going to be a Tigers - Nats scenario.

Didn't I just write that I wasn't going to speculate about any of this??

One thing is for sure, though. Jose Guillen is done for the year. Fox Sports is announcing that Guillen will have to undergo "Tommy John" surgery, sidelining him for the next 9 - 18 months. Thus ends the Nationals' career of Mr. Guillen. Don't cry; the draft pick, we might have gotten wouldn't have been more than a "uniform filler" anyway. Also, I'm sure you noticed just as I that the last two "hot streaks" by the Nationals came when Guillen was unable to play / away from the team. Addition by subtraction, I'd say.

Farid: I got your post about the pictures on my site. Please go ahead and use whatever you like. Everything was taken by me, except for the close up in game photos. Everything else related to the Grand Re-Opening is mine. JEFF SAFFELLE (Screech'sBestFriend)
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