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[August 7th] -- Twenty-two months. That's how long it took. For almost two years, I've been Mr. Beltway Boy, writing daily about my beloved Washington Nationals, and during that time, I didn't receive a single disrespectful comment from a reader. Hundreds upon hundreds of readers have left messages, some agreeing with me, some not, but all of them were respectful and kind.

Until now, that is.

I wrote a story last night suggesting that Frank Robinson wasn't to blame for allowing both Pedro Astacio and Livan Hernandez to remain in the game one inning too long, a move which ultimately cost the Nationals wins on both Saturday and Sunday. I said that Micah Bowie was the only reliever that Frank could trust, and that's why he decided to stay with his starters, and it cost him. Then came this:

Anonymous said...
All you have to do is check the stats on Rauch and you can see with out a doubt that Rauch can and has gotten the job done, so before you come up with an half-assed conclusion check the sources. I don't know why Robinson did not bring in race, maybe it was a lefty, lefty situation, but I do know that given the opportunity Rauch might have gotten the job done, according to his past performances. Get a clue!

Gee, my feelings are hurt! What Mr. Anonymous didn't know was that Robinson said he had over-used Jon Rauch and didn't want to bring him in -- he needed the rest. I assume that those who read the blog would have understood that I left Rauch out of the equation because he wasn't part of Robinson's bullpen at that time. I guess Mr. Anonymous doesn't keep up with such things. That said, I suppose I should have mentioned it.

I don't have a problem with someone pointing out an error or an omission, heck, I screw up all the time. But this "half-assed," "get a clue," attack-the-writer stuff just doesn't fly with me. Hey, Mr. Anonymous -- you don't have to get personal to disagree with someone. Ideas win disagreements, not slanderous sound-bites that belong on the 6th grade playground.

Next time, Mr. Anonymous, how about leaving out the personal attacks and lets talk baseball. Okay?

I'm with you. I get these kind of my site too. It could be worse; you could be related to him!
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