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[August 15th] -- Well, that never happened before. Come to think of it, how'd it happen it the first place? Pedro Astacio, whose season can best be described as below average, dominated the Braves, allowing only 2 hits and no runs while striking out five in what turned out to be the Nationals first complete game of the season.

That's great, but it doesn't mean a thing. Remember, the 1962 Mets set the expansion-era record for most losses in a season, yet still managed to win 40 games that year. Even the worst baseball players succeed 18% of the time.

No, the Nationals, still free-falling down the National League standings, had a reprieve, a remission from losing if you will. It was fun, and it made us happy, but in the end, the team is still going to be bad, and they are still going to finish last in the NL East, and they are still going to be over-hauled during the off season. And it's the middle of August and there just isn't much more than that to say, at least for tonight.

NATS NOTES: (Does any of my readers recognize where I stole the "Nats Notes" from? Hint: You have to be old enough to remember the Senators and you had to read a certain magazine on a regular basis. If you remember, leave your answer in the comments section). Ryan Zimmerman went hitless for the second consecutive game, something he hasn't done since his slide that followed his first walk-off homer a few months ago. He's striking out a lot and continues to hit weak grounders to the right side. Hopefully, he'll pull out of it tomorrow .... The Nationals signed 4th round draft pick Glenn Gibson, and left-handed high school pitcher from New York. Gibson notched the 2006 Yastrzemski Award as the top player in Suffolk County (Long Island, NY) after going 8-1 with 145 strikeouts and a 0.29 ERA in 61.0 innings as a senior at Center Moriches.

Seems like the only player who isn't slimping is alfonso.....Johnson average is downed to .289 from .306 and Zimm just lookslost lately.
My guess is the "Sporting News", which at the time was known as the bible of baseball.
Phil, you are the winner! At the end of the team news column (written by a local scribe I think), the "Nats Notes" appeared. I didn't understand the "Nats" signficance -- my brother explained the D.C. baseball name-game to me.
"The Sporting News" is still around but the magazine lost its way back in the 1970's when it started covering other sports in addition to baseball. I presume they did this to compete with SI. "Baseball America" has replaced The Sporting News as the baseball bible, but BA places too much emphasis on the minors and on obscure minor league players for my taste.
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