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[August 28th] -- I know, I know. I promised that I'd be back blogging on a regular basis last week. What I should have said was that after the next couple of days, I'd be back to blogging on a regular basis. I'm in the classroom today meeting my students -- a first for me -- and I just don't have the time. So for the two of you who stop by here regularly, hang with me.
Yes, I watched all three games over the weekend, and yes, things couldn't look worse. The Nationals now have the highest team ERA in the National League, and things are only going to get worse from here on out. Traber didn't pitch badly on Sunday, but gave up 8 runs in less than 3 innings anyway. Same with Astacio, same with Ortiz. Of all the pitchers currently starting for Washington, or who have started at some point this year, only John Patterson looks "major league." So the Nats will have a #2 starter going into the '07 season (Patterson) and a #5 starter (either Mike O'Connor or Billy traber -- not both), but on one to fill in the other three slots in the rotation. With no one in the minors ready to make the jump to the big club, Jim Bowden's only option to improve the pitching staff is to trade away some "surplus" (ha-ha-ha ... surplus!) hitting. Next season, then, the Nationals might be what they were last season -- good pitch, no hit.
And so the cycle continues.
Wish me luck with my rondezvous with 60 8th graders.

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